Persepolis Event News: September 2014

We have not one but two events this September. ‘Cos that’s the kind of all-or-nothing shopkeepers we are. Both events are over at our neighbours’ gaff, the Cinnamon Tree Bakery. First up is a Persepolis Cook School on Sunday September 7th. The theme will be Persian Classics (there’s a joke in there somewhere), and it… Read More »

17ish Reasons Why You Should Totally Rush in and Buy a Huge Watermelon

OK – so the devious cornershopkeeper gave you a complimentary glass of watermelon smoothie in a conniving attempt to persuade you to buy a super large Cypriot melon. And because you’re a mug, it worked. And you did. But now you’ve got the thing home it suddenly looks really big. And it won’t go in… Read More »