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NOW WITH ADDED LOOS!!!! Woop-di-doop. AND WITH ADDED AIR CON!!! How hi-tech are we?
We will actually be holding an official opening for the loos in the near future, and have secured the services of some very important rock goddesses to conduct the ceremony: watch this space for details….

So yeah, we went and opened that cafe area we’ve been whittering on about for ages. It’s not actually going to have Costa looking over its shoulder: we only have seven and half tables, and you’ll probably notice that the food drone is usually the same as the till drone and the sweet drone.

The idea is that it gets really really busy, and then we install more tables, and then we buy a new food drone, and then we turn into a restaurant. This grand scheme of things will only work if you do your bit and patronise us, spread the word, that sort of thing. The cafe area is open all the time that the shop is—so you can come and enjoy anything from brunch through to supper. Sample dishes and then buy the ingredients to make them at home. Snack while you shop. Just enjoy a cuppa and a break away from the bustle that is Peckham Central.

We are working on offering you free wi-fi.

Here’s some nice things the press have said about us: People are very kind….

Time Out | Evening Standard

The Menu

Snackistan Savouries

For the time being, everything is vegetarian. We can usually offer gluten and dairy free stuff ‘n’ all.

Meze Platters: Large (enough for 2 normal mortals or 1 Mr.Shopkeeper) £5.00, small (for 1) £2.75 (both include a basket of warm bread)

Wraps: £3.50—fillings vary daily. Sometimes hourly.

Hotpot of the Day: Served with rice, salad and yoghurt £5.00

Ash or Soup £3.50—£4.50, served with warm bread

Other Stuff

Baked Sweet potato filled with Persian Baked Beans and Halloumi £3.50
Eggs scrambled with plantain and harissa £3.50
Eggs scrambled with dates and fragrant spices £3.50

AND: check our blackboards to see if Mrs.S. is feeling especially creative…

Snackistan Sweetmeats

Persepolitan Sundaes:

Persepolitan Vegan Knickerbocker Glory
Saffron Banana Split
Hot Paklava Meltdown
Turkish Delight Sundae

They’ve all got nuts and fruit in so they’re health foods already: all at £3.50

Iranian faloodeh or bastani (sorbet or ice cream) £3.00

Home-Baked Cake or Cheesecake
Served with kaymak or ice cream £3.50

Regular tea for two with Persian pastries £5.00
Or regular coffee for two with paklava or Turkish Delight, also for £5.00

Snackistan Bevvies


Fragrant Persian Tea with cardamom £1.50
Mint Tea £1.50
Afghan Green Tea (separates the men from the boys) £1.50
Saffron Tea with Nabat (that’s posh crystallised sugar to you) £2.00
Ginger Tea with Orange, Lemon and Mint £2.00


Nespresso—strong or mild, black or white £1.50
(latte/cappuccino £2.00)
Date and cardamom latte £2.00
Turkish (aka Greek) Coffee—plain, medium or sweet £2.25
Vegan Hot ‘Chocolate’ with carob and spices £2.75


Pomegranate or Sour Cherry Juice £1.50
Pomegranate, Sour Cherry, Rose or Mint Cordial £1.50 with water, or £2.00 with milk
Mango Smoothie with tamarind and ginger £2.75
Banana Smoothie with carob and halva £2.75 

From Mr. Shopkeeper’s Fresh Juice Bar:

Orange, Apple, Carrot or Mixed £2.25