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Opening hours…

For the last 8 years we’ve been opening at 10.35 am (takes us five minutes to get the kettle on, before you ask), and closing at 9.59pm (a minute later and you’ll find us in our PJs). Now, we’re not fishing for sympathy or owt, but those hours don’t leave us a lot of time for other stuff. Like life. You know, shopping, eating, cleaning, playing with the cat. (Don’t talk to us about the cat – he is so pussed off with our hours that he rarely talks to us for a good hour after we come in from work.) So we thought as it is the Winter (darker, colder) we’d try shutting at 9 for while. If that’s alright with you. Then we can come to your parties. And catch up with our ironing. And zzzz a bit more.
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