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Seasons Greetings

We wish you all the best of the festive stuff. We are incorrigible Christmas-o-philes, so if you lean towards humbug, best avoid us during December. We will be here helping you to fill your stockings, playing secret Santa, advising on your Christmas menu, wrapping gifts for you very badly and generally making with the Yo Ho Ho right up until Christmas Eve. To be specific, we are open until 3pm on December 24th. And then we shut for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We will re-open on the 27th at around 2pm, or when we feel like it. We are open all over the New Year, although we reserve the right to get up late on Jan 1. See you soon. Have a jolly one.

2 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings

  1. hello there, saw your shop advertised in a Sunday magazine before Christmas and was so taken by the Shah of Iran teapot shown. tried to find it on your website but no luck. Is this available by mail or does one have to come to your shop – we live in Wales so not much chance of that unless we visit London.

    what do you suggest? many thanks

  2. Hi Patricia.
    Sorry to be so tardy in replying.
    I am happy to post the Shah of Iran teapot to you, although the one in the Telegraph is currently only available in blue or turquoise. I have a similar but slightly more curvaceous one in red, however, at the same price….
    You can e-mail us at, or call us on 020 7639 8007 should you wish to discuss this further.
    Thanks for your query!

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