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PLF Update: just to let you know what you are missing…

Dancing at Persepolis
Not something you see every day in Peckham...
And what did you do with your Friday night…? We had woop-di-doop fun with our Scheherezade evening. A veiled excuse (did you notice what we did there?) for some belly-dancing and Persian music (a Persepolis house band, drawn together just for the occasion – Simon Cowell eat your heart out), spun together by tales from 1001 Nights. You weren’t there? Shame. The good news is that it was so very very good that we will probably do it again. And the night before that we had hip-hop as embodied by the very talented Nikesh Shukla, author of this season’s funniest read, Coconut Unlimited. If you missed this too there is some compensation, as we have signed copies of his book in store, and at £9.99 they make a great stocking filler. There are more events to come throughout next week – but you need to book…. AND don’t forget the Peckham Haiku competition. Entries to by midnight Sunday please.
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