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A Shiny New Shop!

We’ve got a shiny new button on our website. It says ‘SHOP‘, and it enables you to do just that. Which is kind of exciting for us, as it means that we’re really clever*, and it may be kind of exciting for you if you live half way up Ben Nevis or in the Amazon basin. It hasn’t got a lot of stock in it yet, but give us time. What it has got is some really cool Christmas gift ideas. Over the next month or so we aim to get pretty much most of our popular, postable stuff up there: if you have any requests or comments, just let us know… BUT please note: we are still very happy to take orders over the phone, the good old fashioned way. And to answer your queries. And to chat – we’re good at chatting. The online shop is merely a way of extending your options and making your life easier…. *actually, we’re not very clever at all: this whole website has been put together by our clever friend Dean. If you like what you see we can put you in touch…
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