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Happy Christmas 2013 from Snackistan!

Just a quick post to wish you all a snack filled Happy munchy Christmas and a jolly New Year.

Watch this space from January onwards for lots of new recipes, more of the book’s out-takes and bloopers, and plenty of Snackistani trivia.

Image of the Al Hariri Mosque in Beirut as captured by robertinbeirut, borrowed under the Flickr Commercial Commons Licence.

2 thoughts on “Happy Christmas 2013 from Snackistan!

  1. Hi!
    It’s me! RobertinBeirut, (only I’m not in Beirut any more).
    I was just looking through the “archives” and made the happy discovery that you have
    included my Beirut Christmas photo in your blog. Chivo!! as they say in El Salvador
    (where I now live) Cool!

    I do miss Lebanese food, but am getting creative on reproducing it. Hard to make schwarma
    at home, though. Surprisingly, there are a lot of middle eastern folks here in ES. They are called
    “Turcos” which was very derogatory when they arrived (from the Ottoman Empire around the 1900’s).
    They were mostly Syrians, Lebanese, &Palestinians escaping the last days of the Ottomans.

    Anyway, I love the recipes, and will be cooking some up soon!


  2. Thanks for your comment Robert – and indeed the original photo. There’s a cracking recipe for home-made shwarma in the book – I’ll try and post it up here for you to try. :)

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