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Persepolis Event News: September 2014

We have not one but two events this September. ‘Cos that’s the kind of all-or-nothing shopkeepers we are. Both events are over at our neighbours’ gaff, the Cinnamon Tree Bakery. First up is a Persepolis Cook School on Sunday September 7th. The theme will be Persian Classics (there’s a joke in there somewhere), and it will be a a 2 1/2 hour demo/talk. We totally expect you to eat all the food prepared therein, but you can take some home as well if you’re good. The cost is £35.00 a head, and you can buy tickets by popping in to the shop or calling Mrs.S. on 020 7639 8007. Space is limited… bakeryThe second is a pop-up Persepolis vegetarian feast. Our inaugural pop-up at the bakery was a real blast, and so they’ve been kind enough to let us do it again on Saturday September 20th. We are fully taking advantage of the fact that our host Andy is a master baker: he made the most awesome flat breads at our last event (see right). The menu is (provisionally) thus: Fresh herbs and cheese, with our own house marinated olives and roasted nuts Mirza Ghassemi: garlicky aubergines with poached eggs Avocado with yoghurt and sumac Broad beans sautéed with saffron, halloumi and dill Armenian-style nutty wheat salad Served with Cinnamon Tree Flatbreads Baby Aubergines stuffed with walnuts + dates Warm finger pepper dolmeh stuffed with rice and herbs Ash-e-Miveh: fruit and herb soup with baby matzo dumplings Kashmiri Cauliflower Bake with Afghan spiced potato wedges Shirin pulao: fragrant, sweet rice served with Autumn vegetable tagine Watermelon and Rose Granita + Cinnamon Tree Wafers Middle Eastern Cheeseboard Coffee or Mint tea £35.00/head BYO – but includes a welcome complimentary Persepolitan cocktail Again space is limited so BOOK EARLY. A £10 a head deposit will secure your booking. Pop in or call 020 7639 8007 to book.
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