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Pop-Up Persepolis is Back!

jr.bambuni2Welcome to the start of our Autumn pop-up season at the Cinnamon Tree Bakery. We haven’t done one for a while: our hosts Anita and Andy have been busy with a new baby baker (many congrats, guys), and we’ve just been, well, busy. Sorry and all that. Our omnivorous menu for Saturday October 3rd is priced at a still very reasonable £37.50 a head, and comprises around twelve dishes. So starve the day before and pace yourselves… Baskets of herbs and bread with our own house pickles, olives and chillies Broad bean and red pepper puree Kashmiri spiced spinach blended with yoghurt Marinated feta with plums and mint Barley with roasted squash All served with warm Cinnamon Tree Flatbreads Persepolitan jerked salmon with salad Shirazi Maygoo pulao – saffron spiced rice with prawns and fenugreek Or for veggies: a platter of kookoo and kibbeh with garlic sauce Somalian-style sweet potato tagine with peanuts and collard greens Beef and olive kufteh (or sweet potato falafel for veggies) with chilli dipping sauce Chicken breast (or beef tomato for veggies), aubergine and halloumi stacks Potato afelia Rose drizzle cake with toasted almonds and kaymak Mint tea or coffee You should arrive at 7pm for 7.30 – and you are totally encouraged to BYO. Call 020 7639 8007 to book – or just pop in. A £10 a head deposit will secure your place(s).

2 thoughts on “Pop-Up Persepolis is Back!

  1. Is there somewhere I could buy Kermani Gaz in London or do I always order them online?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi sounds delicious- when is the next one planned? Thanks.

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