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Nowrooz 2016

pers2.nowrooz So the Persian New Year 2016 is at 4:30:12 am (London time, natch) on Sunday 20th March. Yup – it’s not the best time of day for a party, but hey ho…. The year will be 1395, and we wish you a JOLLY HAPPY ONE! Nowrooz-et-an-Pyruz! (literally – ‘may your new year be victorious!’) As it is a leap year, it means that Mr. Shopkeeper also gets to celebrate his 12th birthday (this does explain a lot, doesn’t it?). So tavalodet mobarak, azizam! (Literally, ‘Happy Birthday, dearest!’) It’s a great time to visit the shop – pop in for some sweeties and tea, or just to pick up a copy of our pub quiz guide to Nowrooz. We are pretty much open as usual, but we will be serving food from a little later (let’s say 2pm) than usual on Sunday 20th, and we are shutting at 9pm sharp. Best wishes from Team Persepolis!

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  1. May I please have a copy of the Naw Ruz pub quiz? I am really really curious about this. Well done you for putting your mind together for this. Hope to swing by the cafe sometime in April. Do you sell “kookoo sabzi” and “kotlett” in lavash bread? It is possible to call beforehand and order some please?


    Loving greetings

    Roxana of Kensington

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