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Temporary Closure!

After much brainstorming (you can see the minutes therein above), we have decided to do the responsible thing and close for two weeks or as long as it takes for this craziness to settle down. Which we are guessing will be as long as it takes for our second chef to start dressing normally again.

Our dining room is small and crowded and it seems daft to continue to pack lots of people into such an intimate space in the current germy climate. Also: Mrs. S. has asthma, and both Mr. S. and Mrs.S. have elderly attachments to consider.

So the restaurant will be shut from Tuesday 17th onwards, and the shop will close from Friday 20th onwards, both until further notice. If after two weeks things aren’t significantly better, then we will ratchet up our delivery service (currently non-existent) and look to offer local food deliveries, both of hot food and groceries.

In the meantime, please note, our mail order service is very much operational, and we will continue to despatch exciting Middle Eastern bits and bobs up and down the country just as fast as we can. Our shop remains very well stocked.

Of course all of is a secret pretext for Mrs. S. to catch up with 7 years of ironing, test some new recipes and write her next two books, whilst she locks Mr. S. in his toy room to dust his Star Trek models (you have no idea….). Mrs. S. may even learn how to garden.

You will see an insane amount of us on social media, and we will be at the end of the phone (for the most part) so you can keep in touch. Mrs. S. just might get a chance to update her five blogs.

ALSO: we have a massively exciting thingummybob to announce in the very near future, so watch this space…
Be safe, people.

22 thoughts on “Temporary Closure!

  1. Hi Sally, I placed a mail order with you on the 9th March. On 15th March I received an email that advised my order had been completed and was on its way. I have subsequently sent a further email requesting the name of carrier and tracking number and to date not received a reply. It has been 10 days since I placed my order and I’m not clear on whether it’s been shipped and when I’m going to receive it. Please advise.
    Beth Laurents – Order number 10530.

  2. You are fantastic. We will miss you.
    Please set up delivery as soon as.
    We will be the first to order
    Matthew and Dee
    Ps Stay Healthy

    1. Thank you guys! We’ll see you real soon. And if you need groceries just order on-line…

  3. So glad to hear it. I’m just making a second night of Sabzi Pulao to go with the standard leftovers of the lemony veg. We’re in isolation (daughter’s got it) so it was rocket instead of watercress, and we’d run out of saffron, so yes, turmeric. Although, turmeric’s probably good to eat right now!
    Hope you all keep well. I’ll be ordering some stuff to keep us going, I think!

  4. Keep well – and hope your daughter’s better soon!

  5. Sally, I miss my Persepolis Thursdays. It would be great if there was a delivery collection service so I can continue to enjoy the Persepolis magic, albeit in splendid isolation.

    Hope to see you all again very soon. Love to you all.

    1. We miss you too Nancy! You can now call ahead for groceries and pay over the phone (or indeed order on-line), and we are trying to work out how to set up a local delivery service for restaurant food as well. See you soon :) x

  6. Good decision, we’ll be back soon when it calms down.

  7. I wish you all good luck and good health and as the song says

  8. I am a newbie here and I have already placed 2 orders online and very happy with everything, so thank you.

    It would be great to extend some of the items than you will be my one point of stop 😃😃😃

  9. Hi Persepolis are you estill taking online orders?

    1. YES! Order away :)

  10. Same decision, had to stop selling in my vintage store awhile because of postal traffic jams.

  11. Hi
    Please kindly advise when the Kebab skewers will be back in stock?
    Paul Elliott

  12. Hello,

    Can I order online for London delivery? Also is it possible to order to ship to Spain? If so how do I go about it? I sent an email with my order items but have not heard back. I understand that these are complicated times. If you can deliver in London, I will ask someone to post to me.
    Many thanks.

    1. I am sorry I did not see your e-mail- we do reply to everyone – honest ;)
      You can certainly order for London delivery.
      I can post to Spain. We cannot post liquid or glass abroad, but will give anything else a shot.
      If you wish to proceed with the latter you would need to re-email your order, whereupon I can get you a quote for postage. Payment is usually over the phone.

      1. I totally understand :-)
        I will resend to the email which appears at the bottom.
        Thank you so much for your reply.

  13. Some items like Advieh read 99p on the packet but sold for £1.99. Is that legal !!

    1. Hi Esi! It does explain somewhere on the website that some of our product images are very old – hence the prices in the images are out of date. Prices do change over the years – and some of ours have actually gone down :) Anyway – good news is that we are updating our website photography over the next few months, so there should be no confusion. Hope this helps!

  14. Hello Sally!

    Do you have any plans to open again? I will be among the first to book :)


  15. Hi,
    Glad to hear you are opening again, good luck with it !
    I live in France, and my daughter bought me your first book ( Persepolis, Persia in Peckham ) but I have lent it to a friend who misunderstood and thought I had given it to her !
    Easiest way is just to get myself another copy . . .
    Would rather buy from you than Amazon, how much is it please, and what is the postage ( to the UK ), or I might see if someone can call by the shop.
    Cheers !
    Helen Homewood

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