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Team Persepolis: We Walked The Walk

Well it all seems a very long time ago now – but it is good to remember that we began this year on a real high. On January 19th Team Persepolis completed the London Winter Walk in aid of Cancer Research UK and raised nearly £3,300. We covered a huge marathon figure of eight trail from the Oval out towards Docklands in the East, and then back out West as far as Putney. It was, we have to say, pretty much perfect weather.

Our ‘teenagers’ (we had two twenty year olds walking with us) showed surprising stamina, our token bloke got away with hurty feet, and the rest of us fairly romped through it – protesting hamstrings (and other technical bits of our anatomy) notwithstanding. It was hard, though. It doesn’t matter how many of these events we do, Mrs. S. is always quite shocked at just how far 26 miles feels…

Anyway – a big thank you to all of you who donated to this very very good cause. And here’s to a time when all this madness is over and Team P can rove freely again…

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