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The Persepolitan Talent Show #1: Our Cat

We only employ the most talented staff you know. So this is the first in a mini series bigging up their extra-curricular, non-waiting, non-washing-up skills.

Firstly, that’s not ‘Cat’ as in pussycat, but rather Cat as in Catherine, our erstwhile colleague…who happens to be a fabulous jeweless. At the beginning of the year we asked her if she could turn our simorgh – the original design for which was sketched out by Carlos Calvet, the artist for our first book, Persia in Peckham – into a necklace. And now she has. The results are quite stunning. You can read more about clever Cat here. And in the meantime you can buy the necklaces in store or on-line. The silver one is 18 carat solid stuff, and costs £80, and the gold one is in fact gold-plated bronze, and costs £85.00. The magic properties of each are not guaranteed, but you know, you can always hope…

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