Become a Persepolis Drone!

See what happy drones we have!

So we need some new drones. Our existing drones are all lovely, but we simply don’t seem to have enough of them. Also: this is catering. The restaurant/cafe that is not almost permanently recruiting is a rarity indeed (or they actually have a basement full of Oompa Loompas).

You are always welcome to send us your CV, unsolicited like. But one of the great joys of running a business in Peckham is that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to part-timers as we are right in the middle of a hub of universities and colleges. So we should point out that we are normally looking for full time, committed staff – which are seemingly harder to find.

We pay minimum wage with all that that entails, and everyone who works here gets an equal share of any service charge or tips (we don’t take any ourselves as we have always worked in catering and we believe that this is simply not fair). And we feed you. We are super laid back and friendly. In fact no-one ever really leaves – even those staff who have gone on to other things keep coming back for more.

But we are now looking to recruit some key staff and put them on a proper salary.

As of APRIL 2019 we are looking for the following drones:

  • a full-time front of house bod, with either catering or retail experience (preferably both). Duties will be mostly waiting and bar work, but the right candidate will be willing to help keep the shop fully stocked and play an active role in running that side of things. And they will be expected to do their fair share of cleaning. We need flexible, mindful, caring and on-the-ball people who will give us 101% whilst they are at work. And we need people who want to stick around a while and make us part of their career.
  • a trainee second chef. The applicant will have some training or experience, be enthusiastic and energetic and flexible. We do not want prima-donnas. We need people who are just as happy peeling potatoes and scrubbing the floor as they are creating sumptuous new Persepolitan dishes. If we are going to spend time training you you will need to be planning to stick around for at least a year or so.
  • a part time KP to wash-up 2-3 half shifts a week (currently Tuesday and Wednesday evenings)

Interested? You can apply byy popping in with a CV or e-mailing us at