Persepolis Wholesale

Our shop Persepolis is really just the tip of the sand dune, the public face of our little Persian empire. For the most part Mr. Shopkeeper is busy distributing the pick of Persia to a wide network of shops and restaurants across London and the Home Counties (which is why you so seldom see him in the shop). And if you want to sell our goods on your market stall or shop, or you want to source unusual ingredients for your restaurant, we’re keen to help.

Thanks to our on-line shop and the general wonders of modern technology, we can now reach more retailers than ever. Although we’d like nothing more than to trot round the UK personally delivering to each and every deli/Middle Eastern shop and drinking their tea, it’s not really very feasible (at least until we get more than three vans on the road). But if you do have a wee village store in Auchtermuchty, all is not lost: we can easily post stuff to you.

There are two ways you can source goods from us. One is to order through the on-line shop: our prices are, frankly, very cheap anyway (you can easily mark them up quite a bit, depending on your area), and if you order more than £50 of stuff, you get 1g of saffron on us. This system is ideal for those just wanting to order one or two of each item to try, or for special orders.

The other way is for you to order wholesale quantities of things: a case of this and a box of that. You will then get wholesale prices for everything, and if you spend more than £1000 we will have the goods freighted to you free of charge.

As a guide, our packed goods come mostly in multiples of 9, pickles etc in cases of 12, and our canned goods in 24s. We don’t have a secret on-line section for wholesale customers, not do we print our prices on line: this is because a) prices vary seasonally, sometimes from week to week, b) it is too much hassle, and c) industrial espionage!!! (big word for a little cornershop) Iranians are terrible copycats and we don’t want everyone copying us, now do we?

If you do not see what you want on our on-line shop, this does not mean that we don’t have it – so please give us a ring on 020 7639 8007, or e-mail us at, and we’ll talk business. Well, Mr. Shopkeeper will. Mrs. Shopkeeper has far too much of a butterfly mind to concentrate on such weighty matters.