Nabat Chuby: Crystallised Sugar on Sticks


Persian rock candy: for dissolving in tea or coffee.

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Persian rock candy on sticks: for dissolving in tea or coffee. Also one of the world’s best hangover cures. NB – this are not to be sucked like a boiled sweet, as it would lacerate your tongue. Choose from saffron or plain – just specify in the comments section at the end..

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200g, 500g


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    Thanks! If you like tklniag sugar, stick around!! There’s MUCH more to come! As for my Oreos, I purchase them from Sweeties by Kim. She’s a lovely person, and she sells her goodies on Etsy. If you see Oreos featured in any party, they most likely came from Kim. If you’re interested in doing them yourself, you can google “chocolate transfer sheets” and that should help you out. It’s a lot of work, so I just order mine from Kim!

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