Haftsin: Helpful Bits for the Iranian New Year


In which we round up three of the harder-to-find items…


OK – so it’s the Persian New Year. You will find a complete-but-succinct guide to all things Nowrooz shaped over in the Persopaedia, but in the meantime… You need seven things beginning with the letter ‘s’ (in Farsi, of course). These can include ‘sir’ (garlic), ‘sib’ (apple), ‘sonbol’ (hyacinth), ‘sabzeh’ (wheat or bean sprouts), ‘sekeh’ (coins), ‘serkeh’ (vinegar), ‘samenou’ (wheat grass mousse) and these three, which are hard to find and easy to post: ‘sumak’, ‘senjed’ (the fruit of the oleaster) and ‘esphand’ (wild rue).


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