Pars Ghazar ‘2 Man’, ‘4 Man’, ‘8 Man’, ’12 Man’ or ’16 Man’ Rice Cooker




Quite simply the best rice cookers in the world. Produce gorgeous ‘tahdik’ time and again. Choose your size, but don’t forget 1 Iranian ‘man’ (portion) will feed nearly 2 normal mortals. NB 13 amp two pin to three pin adaptor required; not supplied. Replacement liner pans now available here. And you can read more about rice cooker cookery here.

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2 man, 4 man, 8 man, 12 man, 16 man


  1. MB (verified owner)

    Recently bought 8 Man version as a friend cooks a fab dish when we all go to CParcs.
    I work with someone from Persia & have some been given some ideas of dishes I would like to cook for my family. I love that this cooker gives you the
    option a crispy tahdig or not.
    Looking forward to my experiments!

  2. Carole Jackson (verified owner)

    We received our 4 man version today and, since we have a dinner party tomorrow we tried it straight away. Brilliant rice first time great Tahdig and the rice was extremely fluffy. I originally ordered the 8 man model but then read the comment about portion sizes and asked for my order to be changed. Having tried using just 2 measures I totally agree with your comments about portions.

    Like MB above I now look forward to experimenting

  3. TS (verified owner)

    I am a Japanese, and I have been trying to cook Tahdig, which I never managed.

    I bought 4 man version recently, but I was not quite sure how much rice and water I need. I phoned Persepolis and the gentleman kindly taught me how to use it. (I cook 2 x 180ml rice with 3 x 180ml water for 3 people. – 180ml rice is generous portion for one person in Japan.)

    I am very happy with their customer service and the result of cooker! – fantastic Tahdig I ever made.

    Thank you very much.

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