A Little Bit of Morocco in Persia in Peckham

You know those tagines we promised you for last Christmas? Er, ahem, well they just arrived. Yup, we know what you’re thinking – but better just-over-a-year-late than never.

Why didn’t we look for another supplier, we hear you cry. Well, the thing is, our current supplier may be the world’s most unreliable Moroccan (he’s actually from Oxford, not the Maghreb) supplier ever, but he’s a jolly nice chap (that’s him, looking sheepish in the photo above), and, most importantly and unusually, he’s honest. Anyone who has ever shopped at Persepolis will know that our prices are always honest: it is, frankly, something upon which we stake our reputation. So we waited (and made you wait – our turn to look sheepish).

Anyway – they’re here now, which means that a) all your Christmas shopping is sorted, and b) you’ll have something in which to cook all those lovely dishes from Veggiestan.

And it’s not only tagines which have arrived. We’ve got tanjias, which are cylindrical pots for cooking lamb (or anything else): the idea is to fill them and then bury them in a fire pit in the sand, so that by the time you come back from a hard day’s shepherding your dinner is ready. Actually, they were more often cooked in the ashes of the hammam. The good news is that if you are all out of fire and sand, and the local spa won’t let you cook there, the tanjia will work just as well in a conventional oven.

There are also fancy teapots, and painted teaglasses, and the most gorgeous serving platters. Rather wonderfully and incongruously, they all came wrapped in Moroccan architectural drawings.

So what you waiting for? Pop in or call before they all go.

Oh, and there are further glad tidings: our on-line shop should be up and running by December. Woop woop all round.