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Mother-in-Law’s Quick Aubergine Pickle (Torshi Bademjun)

Iranians will pickle anything. No really. Many’s the time we have gone out with the mother-in-law (to the butcher, the baker or whatever) only to come back with a bag of randomly foraged things, which before you can say ‘haji-maji-ya-faraji’ (that’s abracadabra in Farsi) she has immersed in vinegar or boiled into jam. Usually she…

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Mother-in-Law’s Amazing Kufteh Soup: A Recipe for Ramadan

Firstly: for those of you are fasting – Ramadan Mobarak! Yesterday was the first of Ramadan for most Muslims. Whilst it is the month of fasting, it is also a month focused very much on food, and many of the recipes in Snackistan are based on the idea of iftar, or breaking fast. The following…

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Meat-on-Sticks Photo of the Month: Chopan Kabob, Afghanistan. With added recipe.

Sun’s out, barometers are swinging into action, a lot of whiter-than-white legs have suddenly gone on show (along with the depressing realisation that the playsuit has remained ‘in vogue’ for yet another year), and every pub garden in the land is rammed. Must be time for the official launch of that strange institution, the British…

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