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  1. Hello – I’d just like to say thanks!! I was so excited when my order arrived last week – lots of lovely goodies. I bought a packet of your Sabzi Ghormeh dried herbs and followed your recipe for Ghormeh Sabzi – it was fantastic and it will be a regular for us now… And many thanks for the diary and sweet – it was a nice personal touch. I do love your site and hope to be back as soon as we need more provisions – again thanks and Best Wishes, Liz (Lees)

    1. Hi Liz,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment – it is always delightful to get positive feedback.
      Happy Persian New Year!
      All bests,
      Sally, Persepolis

  2. Hi
    First time buyer from your shop here… forgive me if I am being over anxious! Order was placed on 9th April, confirmed and marked as completed on 15th, hasn’t arrived yet on 18th April, should I be worried? Do you ship via Royal Mail or another handler? Sorry for fretting but those Ma’amouls won’t make themselves!
    Loving the book and just keen to cook some more!

  3. Hi Chris,
    Glad you love the book :)
    Your parcel would seem to be out for delivery today.
    Sorry about the delay – we were, unusually, away for a few days.
    Happy ma’amoul making.

  4. Oh great thanks, been stressing about it being delivered to the wrong place (has happened before) really excited about getting more gadgets!

  5. Yay! Very happy with my parcel – Ma’amoul moulds are a must I have discovered – all goods very reasonable and gratefully recived – I’ll be back! Thanks Chris

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