Welcome to the Persepolis Restaurant and the strange world of bright yellow, vegetarian, Middle Eastern cornershop dining.

We never meant to open a restaurant. It just sort of happened. Mrs. Shopkeeper needed to test recipes for her books on some live guinea pigs, so we got a deli counter, and then a table, and then two, and then some induction hobs. Now we can seat over a hundred people on three levels and our kitchen is, well, much much bigger.

We’re pretty informal as restaurants go – but we do get super busy so we do always recommend booking if you know you want to come along (of course if you pop in spontaneously we will always try to accommodate you). We don’t take bookings by email – or Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because why? – so just call us if you want to come along. We’re on 020 7639 8007 from 11am – 11pm 7 days a week (although calling at dinner time on a Friday or Saturday evening may not be the smartest thing as we’re too small to afford a separate bookings department).

If there are five or more of you, you will automatically be on some version of our feasting menu (see below) as we truly believe that this is the most fun food thing you can do with friends and family. For parties of four or fewer this is optional – but it remains our top recommendation.

The other thing you need to know is that we do take a £5 a head deposit for every evening booking (empty seats just make us sad): this is fully refundable with 24 hours’ notice – and even if you cancel on the day we usually try to transfer your booking and deposit to another day so you don’t lose your money. But if you just don’t show up, or your party shows up short, we will keep the requisite amount of deposit as we will almost certainly have lost bookings and seats 🙁

We serve food seven days a week from 12 noon-ish until 9pm-ish.

Here’s some nice things the press have said about us: People are very kind….

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