Ts & Cs & Privacy Policy

On GDPR and privacy: If she’s being very honest, it has to be said that Mrs. Shopkeeper has little respect for EC panjandrums, jobsworth regulation makers and pusillanimous inspectors of this and that. But what we do collectively have the utmost respect for is you, our customers.

Previously we’ve kind of hoped that you all know that we love you, and that we’re part-time hippies without a bad intention between us. Now it would seem that the law requires that we put it all into writing. Pffft. Even the techno-cat kittens (above) can’t make any sense of all this bureaucratic twaddle… Anyway, we have no hesitation in assuring you that a) we’re on your side, and b) we’re really not into storing stuff about you, sharing stuff about you or using your deets for any other purpose than despatching your mail orders with care and passion. To be specific, we swear down that we will not use the minimal amount of data that we collect from you for any purpose other than for the fulfilment of orders or requests that you have submitted, and that this data collection is entirely within the parameters laid out by the Data Protection Act (1998). Data is received by us directly when you submit an order through our mail order system, and is also collected indirectly (and anonymously) by the various bots that govern our own little cyber world (we use Woo Commerce and WordPress to help us string it all together).

This latter is only displayed to us in the form of statistics and we can barely understand it ourselves let alone pass it on to nefarious third parties. We will never pass your details on to anyone else, promise. Any data you enter on to our website is protected by a secure connection using SSL encryption. We do not receive any personal financial details nor do we store any such records. If you are worried about any of this e-mail us at foratasteofpersia@hotmail.com