A Walk Through Peckham: The Inaugural Persepolis ‘Podcast’

Welcome to Peckham. This thirteen minute audio clip represents a walk from one end of Rye Lane to the other, and it has everything. ALL LIFE IS HERE. It is truly representative of the world’s high streets. Any one of them, really. Well, not that we’ve been to many of them – but you know what we mean. It certainly encapsulates the mix, vibrancy and joie de vivre that characterise our little urban village.

We’re so proud of this. Not that we had anything to do with it. The amazing Karla Berrens recorded it for us as a leaving gift prior to moving back to Spain. Best. Customer. Gift. Ever. And the very technical bizz of compressing it on to our website was courtesy of our tech expert, Dean. We just, um, facilitated it.

The chief reason we love it is that it gives us a chance to quote our favourite Rumi poem at you again:

There is a community of the spirit.
Join it and feel the delight
Of walking in a busy street,
And being the noise.

Well, we reckon this is the noise Rumi was talking about. Have a listen: betcha he’d have loved Peckham.

If you need any more convincing we will be offering you our very own Persepolis Guide to Peckham in our next post.