Christmas 2015 Opening Hours

Persepolis at Christmas
OK – so we may not have managed a Christmas newsletter this year, but the least we can do is to tell you when we are open over the festive period.
We will open until around 3pm on Christmas Eve, shut Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and reopen on the 27th when we feel like it (around 3pm).
After that we are open as usual – yup, even on New Year’s Day.

Our New Year’s resolution is to write more newsletters, blogposts, silly yellow signs and facetious blackboard messages. Watch out for book news, cookery class dates, more tables in the restaurant, and a whole new kitchen. In fact, just watch this space.
In the meantime, we wish you a jingly, jolly, merry Yuletide, and a happy, healthy, corner-shaped 2016.