Plinther Madness

Well, to celebrate the launch of the website (obviously) we’re going on the plinth. Yes, that plinth. The fourth one in Trafalgar Square.

That’s the good bit.

The less good bit is that we’ll be up there at 3am – but at least we won’t get dive bombed by pigeons or in danger of sunstroke.

31st August, in the unlikely event that you want to come and support us/throw rotten eggs. Here’s our ‘profile’.

What are we doing up there? Well we’re living out a life of clichés…

We found that when we were thinking about what to do, we were indulging in far too many of the things – Which hat shall we wear? What flag should we fly?

And so that is exactly what we are going to do. Some really nice people at Eclipse Flags have made us a Nation of Shopkeepers flag, and we are going up there with a helluva lotof hats – to represent all the things that a shopkeeper is, has been and could be. Because shopkeepers are people too, you know.

It’s partly Robert Browning’s fault:

Because a man has shop to mind
In time and place, since flesh must live,
Needs spirit lack all life behind,
All stray thoughts, fancies fugitive,
All loves except what trade can give?

I want to know a butcher paints,
A baker rhymes for his pursuit,
Candlestick-maker much acquaints
His soul with song, or, haply mute,
Blows out his brains upon the flute!

See what we mean?

Anyway – if you want to come along, we’ll be giving out I Love Peckham and Londonist bits and pieces, and it would be great to see you.