Introducing Salmagundi, our new book baby

SalmaWell now here’s a thing. Another little baby book that we’re launching on the world. Well, at least that part of the world that likes facetious chit chat and simple, fun recipes.

Salmagundi is coming out in the Summer – which is kind of handy as it is a compendium of salads old and new, from Olde England, to the Olde Middle East, to Olde just-about-everywhere-else.

Of which more in the months to come…

In the meantime, we have added a few of our favourite salad accessories to our web-store: products so good we didn’t want to keep them to ourselves any more.

The one about which we are most excited is Tewkesbury Mustard. This is all John Evelyn’s fault: in the 17th century he wrote Acetaria, which was the first ever book written about salads, and he banged on about this mustard so much we figured we should get some. We were really impressed when we found out that it is still being made as a cottage industry in Tewkesbury – and even more impressed by the product itself. Be warned though: it will put hairs on your chest…

We are also delighted now to be stocking Halen Mon sea salt: its price means that it is not perhaps for every day use (although it is jolly good on chips), but it totally transforms salads, fish and simple grilled meat. Mrs. Shopkeeper loves it – which is weird as she has hitherto been known as a bit of an anti-salt fiend (just ask Mr.S. why he keeps a hidden pot of the stuff in his beside cabinet). We keep our Halen Mon at the back of the cupboard for private treat times. You can read more about this Welsh treasure here.
We have also added our favourite vinegar and our favourite olive oil to the site, so you can get more out of your salads this Summer. Watch out for extra salad recipes/out-takes/anecdotes and the like over the next few weeks.