Introducing the Pernini

Yup, we’re now doing sandwiches. Of a sort. Not regular cheese and pickle types, as we’re not regular cheese and pickle people. These are sandwiches with a Persepolitan twist.

There are wraps, paninis and gluten free ciabatta rolls, all of which we serve hot to go (or to scoff while you’re shopping, like). Because we’re silly, we’re marketing them as PerNinis (geddit?). And there are regular baguettes, for the more conservative amongst you (Iranians like baguettes).

Our first week’s menu comprised the following:

  • Grilled saffron and lemon chicken smothered in a dilly mayonnaise;
  • Houmous with apple, celery and walnut, topped with za’atar pesto;
  • Aubergine kookoo (omelette) with tamarind and date relish;
  • Halloumi, tomato, sundried tomato pesto and basil.

Go on: you’re drooling already. And the menu will grow. As soon as Mr. Shopkeeper buys Mrs. Shopkeeper a blackboard.

Now this is how it goes – in order for this to work, you need to come in and, well, patronise us. If you see what we mean. BUY SANDWICHES in other words. Otherwise we’ll sulk, and then we won’t do them any more. And if we get busy then in a month or so we get a coffee machine too (Mr. S. has promised).

So we’ll see you at lunchtime tomorrow? Or at least next time you shop, you’ll come in hungry yes?