Iran for the World Cup….

So yeah, like, it’s that time again. The World Cup or something. And whilst neither Mr.Shopkeeper nor Mrs.Shopkeeper can explain the offside rule, there is a sense of pride in the fact that Iran are once again through to the final contest. SO by way of showing our support, here’s a wee gallery showing what football means to the average Iranian. Well, actually it’s just a small collection of really really good footie photos.

The Iranian games are:

  • Iran v. Nigeria, on Monday 16th June at 8pm (this will be interesting considering our shop is in Peckham…)
  • Iran v. Argentina, on Saturday 21st June at 5pm
  • Iran v. Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Wednesday 25th June at 5pm

We ain’t got a telly in the shop, but you’re welcome to swing by for festive nibbles and drinks.

May the best eleven men win…

The photos are all borrowed from Flickr under the Commercial Commons Licence for Commercial Use, and are by (clockwise from top left): Farhad sh, The Paperboy, Casey Hugelfink and Farhad sh (again).