Pomegranate or Sour Cherry Juice 2.5
Pomegranate, Sour Cherry, Rose or Mint Cordial 2.5 with water, or 3 with milk
Mango Smoothie with tamarind and ginger 3.5
Banana Smoothie with carob and halva 3.5
Melon smoothie with honey and rosewater 3.5
Mo’s Cucumber Granita. Oh my this is good. 3.5
Torkmeh Sharbati: wild mountain basil seeds infused with rose and served
over ice 4.5
Moroccan avocado smoothie w/almond + orange flower. Naturally vegan 4.5
Ab-e-Havijj va bastani: all the rage in downtown Tehran—carrot juice with an ice cream float 4.5
Date Shake with cinnamon—a dreamy creamy treat 3.5