The Persepolis Salad Bowl—it’s a beast of healthy proportions 6

khorma malous—with dates and baharat (veganable) 6.5
menemen—Turkish style, with spicy peppers (veganable) 7.5
dodo—with plantain and harissa (veganable) 7.5
mirza ghassemi (classic Persian poached eggs with aubergine) 9.5
all served with warm bread

Pan fried Halloumi:
with sesame and honey 8.5
devilled with harissa and raisins 8.5
both served with bread and a salad garnish

Sarasura: herby oven roasted courgettes and peppers—served over chips and topped with labneh 8.5

Flatbread Wraps—classic falafel, Arabic cheese + Persian pickle—or ask for today’s specials. Served with pickles, houmous + a chip garnish 9

Fattet—very posh fried bread with spinach and chick peas, tossed in our super sexy tahini sauce 8.5

Borani Bon-Jon—a stack of garlicky aubergines drizzled with yoghurt and tomato sauce and served with thick bread 9.5