We are famous for our meze platters: a classic selection of hot + cold appetisers. They vary every day (we make about 536 different types of salad & at least 26 types of houmous, forexample) but are always very excellent. Choose how big you want to go. They all come either with hot bread from our tanour oven or an accompanying sauce.

1 plate 4
2 plates 7.5
3 plates 10
4 plates 13
6 plates 18
8 plates 22

The Persepolis Cheese Meze
A lush cheeseboard with Persian, Greek, Turkish and Arabic cheeses. Served with flatbread and house pickles 15

The Persepolitan Chilli & Garlic Meze
A mixed platter of our, er, hotter dishes. It’s all about the heat baby. Served with lots of bread and some cooling yoghurt 12