Mrs. Shopkeeper gets terrible loo envy. Whenever she is allowed out to other establishments (which is not very often, let’s face it), she can but stand and whimper as she espies their state of the art (albeit somewhat disdainful) squirty fragrance machines, smugly purring hand driers, sound-gobbling carpet, and the kind of tap activation technology that requires you to be a master of tai chi in order to get a drop out of the things. These are all symbols of lavatorial aspiration for her.
Until we can find room on the ground floor, our loo is tucked away in a Victorian cubbyhole under the stairs. No squirty purring anything. BUT…. we actually wouldn’t swap it for the world, because our customers have made it, well, something else.
It all started with a note by one of our staff. A note which read “Are you Ryan Gosling, or Ryan Gosling’s girl?” Obscure, much. But then we only employ staff with character. People answered, and then started adding their own questions, witticisms, philosophical observations and completely insane rants. They also offered a commentary on our food. And now the thing is a veritable art installation. Random notes everywhere, from the truly inane via the slightly saucy through to the so-clever-they-should-be-the-first-line-of-your-book kind of comment.
We never edit the comments, even if they diss us, although we do of course remove racially, sexually or religiously offensive notes. When the walls become too full, we carefully remove the oldest offerings and archive/frame them.
Here’s a selection of the latest offerings. We hope you find them as fun as we do. Also: if you haven’t left your mark yet, what’s keeping you?