Persian Shirinee: Your Cut Out and Keep Guide

We are asked to explain to our lovely customers what each of our range of Persian shirinee (pastries) is about 5 squillion times a day. Well, a few times anyway. Which is just fine and dandy, as that is what we are there for, and we are proud of our produce. But we thought this gallery would help to de-mystify them, and also help you give your calorie intake a name.
The word shirinee refers to a collection of about twenty types of cookies and pastries which are unique to Iran. Sure the Persians have paklava, and loukoum: they even have some fairly nasty chocolate. But it is these shirinee which are brought out on special occasions, and for which the country’s bakers are renowned.
No – we don’t make them ourselves. In fact, the recipes are a teensy bit secret, and we cannot actually guarantee that any of them are vegan, but they are certainly vegetarian. Probably best avoid if you have a nut allergy (but that could equally apply to Iran as a whole).
Anyway, enjoy, and memorise, as we reserve the right to test you on them the next time you pop in.