PLF programme – get booking!!

The Peckham Literary Festival is next week, chaps and chapesses. And bookings are flooding in – hardly surprising considering all the events are free. Here’s a quick run down of the events we’ve got lined up for you at Persepolis…
Tuesday 17th November: an evening of travelling and music and travelling with music. Garth Cartwright and Daniel Metcalfe will be talking about their very different travel experiences. We have been promised guest appearances by a mandolin and a jazz harmonica.
Both authors will be happy to sign copies of their new books.
Kick off is at 7.30.
Wednesday 18th November: the inimitable Chris Roberts will be chatting about Lost English, and where he thinks he might have seen it last… This is actually the title of a new book, of course. We will also be celebrating the launch of a joint collaboration on a map of Peckham’s ghouls and ghosties, of which more later.
7.30 start.
Thursday 19th November: an evening with Dan Pearson. The celebrity gardener and devout Peckhamite will be talking about his very new, very gorgeous book: SPIRIT, Garden Inspiration (and solving lots of Christmas gift headaches).
From 7.30pm
Friday 20th November: our regular, but deeply, importantly talented story-teller, Sally Pomme Clayton, will be here telling tales from the Shahnameh and beyond. If you’ve never seen her perform, make sure you get along – the lady possesses a special kind of magic.
From 7.30pm.
Saturday 21st November, from 6.30pm
An evening of Iranian films: Iranian students present short films offering an intriguing snapshot of Iranian life. There will be a short Q & A session in between each screening. We are very excited about this event – as long as we don’t encounter any technical hitches…
Refreshments will be provided at each of the above events – but we do recommend that you spend a penny beforehand as we don’t actually have a customer loo!
If you can’t get along but would like to reserve a signed copy of any of the books featured, give us a ring.
Review have even more events than we do: check out the festival website: for full details…