Pop-Up Persepolis: More Dates for Your Diaries

There really is no excuse for not catching one of our pop-up events this year: we are aiming to do one a month!

The next pop-up Persepolis is at Bambuni in Nunhead on Friday May 17th. This time we will be offering a selection of classic Middle Eastern street food and meze, with meat and veggie options.

We’ll start with traditional Iranian herbs, cheese and warm flat-bread. There will also be a trio of dips: mirza ghassemi (aubergine), caçik, green pea houmous + warm bread.

Next up we will offer fish kibbeh, squid cooked in its own ink and some salad Shirazi on the side.

The third course will comprise gyros: slivered pork served with spiced mayo, pitta pockets and spiced fries. And there will be jujeh kebab: saffron chicken, served with steamed rice. We will also serve Shahan Fouls: spicy mashed fouls medammes, and a warm aubergine salad.

Pudding will be saffron ice cream with cardamom wafers.

Cheese course? Bit of plonk? Nice cold ale to wash it down? These are all highly desirable extras for which you will need to talk to our host Huey.

The menu will be £37.50: call 020 7732 4150 to book and a £10 a head deposit will secure your place.

The next event after that will be on Friday June 14th, this time at a new venue: the Hill Station in Telegraph Hill. We’ll be honest here – we haven’t even seen the place yet: we are doing it purely on the grounds that the new proprietors are really nice. We’ll update this page as soon as we’ve done our homework and developed a menu accordingly.

And then on Wednesday 10th July we are back at Anderson & Co with a Summer Persian barbecue special. The price for this will be £40.00 a head: call Lisa on 020 7469 7078 to book, where once again a £10 a head deposit will secure your booking.