Product-We-Like of the Month: Gusto Organic Energy Drink

We know what you are thinking – but no, they’re not paying us. We simply love this drink.
What is it? Well it comprises carbonated apple juice packed full of ginseng and guarana and other exciting, entirely organic ingredients. It’s a great on its own, but also makes a good mixer: try it with red wine to make a Calimocho. It’s reputedly pretty good with rum as well.
Why do we like it? Well, it’s got a lot to do with the fact that Mrs. Shopkeeper normally eschews all fizzy drinks (well, soft ones anyway) on account of the chemicals therein, what with her having asthma and all. She once had a Red Bull and was on her inhaler for half an hour. Gusto is chemical free…
But mostly it is to do with the fact that it tastes like a slightly fruity cola (i.e. rather nice), and it really does pack in the zing. Reckon it might also explain in part how Mrs. S.’ hair gets to be, well, as bouffant as it is* every day.
Anyway, next time you feel your energy levels take a dive, you know where to come and what to do.
*for the uninitiated, think Crystal Tips meets Lady Gaga