The Persepolis/I Love Peckham T-Shirt


Get the Persepolis look. Yes – OK – granted – Mrs.S. does look like a demented elf in this photo. But the t-shirt is pretty cool, no?


Proclaim your Peckham (or Persepolis) love far and wide by sporting one of our lovely bright cotton t-shirts. They have the Persepolis logo on the front, and a massive ‘I Love Peckham’ roundel on the back. We encourage the playful amongst you to send us photos, via social media, of you wearing your Persepolis garments in the most unlikely places…
Our t-shirt colours vary over the months and years, so we invite you to list your preferred options in the comment box and we’ll do our best to oblige. We currently have bright pink, bright green, black, white, blue, bright yellow, red, orange and olive green…

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