Spreading the Persepolis Love: A Very Silly Gallery

We’re just ordering some more of our excellent value, washable, eye-catching, unbleached cotton, I Love Peckham/Persepolis shoppers – so we thought we’d whip you into a frenzy of anticipation by showing you how very versatile and international they are. By the time you’ve perused our Baggers’ Gallery, you’ll be desperate to blag one for yourselves. One side features our very distinctive simorgh logo, which was designed for us by the very talented Carlos Calvet, and the other side is all about I Heart Peckham.

It should be pointed out that most of these piccies have been contributed by members of our all-singing, all dancing Facebook group (thank you Jane!) – we would love it if you could add to our collection: we might even offer a prize for the first Persepolis bag to ascend Everest or reach the North Pole.