Supplier of the Month: Alasia Honey

Meet Mr. Honey. Actually his name is Gokturk and his company is called Alasia. But he really does know everything about his products. All of which are honey. Just honey. Honey from Turkey, honey from Mexico, honey from Kashmir.
You see, we like to buy from experts, connoisseurs, salesmen who can actually walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Gokturk knows where each of the apiaries which supply him are. You get the feeling that he probably knows each of the bees involved. He knows at what temperature and altitude each honey is produced. He’s really really serious about his honey. We figure that if you have to serious about something in life, it may as well be honey, which is, let’s face it, one of the great Designer’s better creations. We like Gokturk. And we also like to support independent traders.
Moreover: his honey is the biz. Never turns to sugar. Always hits the mark. Mrs. Shopkeeper gets through a shocking amount of the stuff, and is oft to be caught, Pooh-style, eating it out of jar (although not with her paws). We recommend both the herbal honey and the Yucatan variety.
We don’t normally like to divulge our product sources and give away trade secrets. But we think that there ought to be more Alasia Honey out there. So spread the word. You can find Alasia here, or you can ring Gokturk directly on his honey hotline: 07786 868277.