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The Musician in the Fridge

“Excuse me, but there is a man with a guitar in the fridge,” said our little helper, rather anxiously. Well, yes, we probably should’ve told him about the man in the fridge. But really: don’t all cornershops keep a muso in their coldrooms? It makes stocking up so much more fun. OK. On a serious…

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Maggie’s Night Hike: We Did It!

Proof of the plodding Yup – that’s a real long walk. Team P in civvies Drug dealing at the Lanesborough: blister-stop Reaching the zone… Nowt like a good stretch by a personal trainer… Still smiling at 2.15am… At Riba, 3/4 of the way round Memorial balloons All in. 5.30am We grimaced a bit. We laughed…

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