Team Persepolis Rides Again!

So we’re doing another one of our crazy challenges. On Sunday January 19th 2020 we’re doing the The London Winter Walk – a marathon around London’s most famous bits. This isn’t the first time we’ve done the distance: in 2011 we did Maggie’s Night Hike, and then in 2013 Mrs. S and a friend did the Thames Path Challenge to celebrate their, ahem, 50th birthdays and raise money for Asthma UK.

It’s been a few years but we’ve dusted off our outward bound gear, renewed our gym membership and bought some real pretty new trainers. This time we really want to our bit to tell cancer where to go.

It started with Mr. Shopkeeper’s cousin Ali, who died at just 36. And then there was Granny Shopkeeper’s Cousin Julia. And then Mrs. Shopkeeper’s godmother Shirley. That bastard cancer just keeps stealing people from us. We are walking in their memory. But also to show support for those who are still living with and fighting the disease. Like Kate, who is walking with us.

Everyone knows someone who is affected by cancer. And we really want to do our bit to wipe out the f***er. Cancer Research will one day find a cure.

So join us – either by walking with us, or sponsoring our team. You can donate here by clicking below…