The Peckham Literary Festival 2011

Our little festival is now in its fifth year, a fact of which we are justifiably proud. Was a time when saying Peckham and Literary in the same sentence produced sniggers. Not any more.

This year we’ve got a cracking line-up, if a mixed one. We’ve detailed our own Persepolis events below, but you can see the whole programme over on Review’s website.

Monday 21st November: An Evening with Rumi. Although of course Rumi himself won’t be coming along, as he lived in the 13th Century. Instead, we will be honouring him with words and music and dance. Richard Stevens will be talking about the great poet’s life and work, and there will be music from some of our more talented customers. Following our interview with the dervishes earlier on this year, we thought we’d try and lure a couple of them along. SO with a bit of luck you will be able to see a demonstration of the art of turning. Book early for this event – it is sure to be popular. From 7.30pm

Tuesday 22nd November: SHELF LIFE: come along and meet the author of this wonderful, warm, funny, deep book. It is possibly one of the best books we have read: our friend the cornershopkeeper has very kindly reviewed it for you. We’re not the only ones who liked it, as it is currently being made into a televison series.
Simon Parke, the author, was a vicar before he was a shelf-stacker, and so offers an unusual perspective on things. From 7.30pm

Wednesday 23rd November: 21st Century Dodos. What do you miss from the last century? Telephones with a real dial? Audio cassettes? Half-day closing? Steve Stack (this may not be his real name) takes us on a fond meander through some of the odder things that have appeared, and disappeared, in the 20th Century. A funny and whimsical book – and a perfect stocking filler. Please bring along any dated household objects which you’d like to discuss. Expect lively debate, and probably cake. From 7.30pm

Saturday 26th November: DOMESTIC SLUTTERY comes to Peckham. Come along and meet Sian Meades, chief slut over at the eponymous acclaimed website. She will be talking to us about blogging, and cocktails, and pretty dresses. And she will of course also be signing copies of her really pretty new book. You WILL want to give all your female friends this book for Christmas. And maybe a few of the male ones too. From 7pm.

We will also be offering a literary walking tour of Peckham. It will most likely be at the weekend – details to follow.

In order to book for any of the above events, just pop in, or call us (020 7639 8007), or e-mail us: See you there.