The Persepolis Bakery…

Mrs Shopkeeper is famously a rubbish baker. But that doesn’t mean that there is no in-house baking stuff going on at Persepolis. Quite. The. Opposite. Omid – aka Brother Shopkeeper – has been making us home baked cheesecakes for the last year or so, and also makes the most amazing pistachio paklava. You can now pre-order cheesecakes to take-away* – they give you 16 portions and are a lot more fun than factory made cakes (not that we’ve got it in for Colin the Caterpillar per se).
We have also invested in a massive tanour oven – which means that of an evening we make our own flatbreads (for diners and for retail sale). And jolly nice they are too. In fairness it is not usually Mr. S. making the bread – but just look at his little face when he made the first bread – he was so pleased with himself.
*Choose from mango, paklava, rose Turkish Delight, sour cherry, mint and cucumber, date and halva, peanut butter or biscoff. Prices range from £40 – £45: just give us a call or use the contact form on the website to send us a message.