The Return of the Persepolis Cook School

So it’s back. The Persepolis Cook School. Wherein Mrs. Shopkeeper pretends she knows a thing or two about food and y’all get to listen in. And maybe eat some of the results.
Now we’ve got our lovely basement space sorted, we’ve got room to do all sorts of extra-curricular stuff. Like cookery demos.
And so on Sunday May 27th we will be closing downstairs to the general public between the hours of 2-5pm and hosting the first of what we hope will be a regular cookery programme. The theme of the first one will be Persepolis – our latest book – which is basically the food that we cook in the restaurant. Come along and learn all our little trade secrets. Trust me – it is pretty simple fare. And at the end we will spread out all the food we have cooked for a mini feast. Tea or coffee included.
The cost is £80.00 a head, or £100.00 a head with a souvenir book or Persepolis apron to take home.
We have room for a maximum of 15 ‘students’ at a time, so book early to avoid disappointment.
NB – if you want a more hands-on experience, we are soon introducing a ‘second chef for a day’ yellow letter experience which might fit the bill – watch this space…