There’s a Coach Coming In…

[youtube] A feeling of rare festivity is creeping over Persepolis Towers. Actually, that’s a fib on two levels. Firstly, we’re always pretty festive. And secondly, we’re currently in a state of nervous anticipation. Let us elaborate. There’s a lorry coming in… Hence the above (otherwise irrelevant) clip (great fillm though, wasn’t it?).
Our lorry is (hopefully) not actually full of prostitutes (which I think is what the original coach was carrying), but rather full of Persian sweeties and other festive goodies. We are experiencing a degree of dread as the lorry is 40′ long, piled to the gunwhales, and we’ve got to empty it. But once that is done, we know that Nowrooz, the Iranian New Year, is just around the corner.
For your handy reference, the New Year this year is at 23:20:45 on the 20th March. And the year will be 1390.
If you are very good, we’ll post some geeky lorry pictures for you tomorrow.