Up on the Roof….

And we’re open! Well, we’ve actually been open since January, quietly getting in some training for what is a whole lot of extra stairs and a whole lot of extra customers (the extra step count is a lot cheaper than gym membership – we are in fact considering charging people to work here). We’ve doubled the size of the kitchen and taken on some extra drones. We now have room for up to seventy five people on our roof. That’s a helluva big party.

The space is covered and heated – but my, is it a sun trap during the day. Until we can remove the DHSS building behind us, we are having to ask customers to imagine the mountains, waterfalls and birdsong which lie in the lands to the South East. Most people are completely down with this… It is actually a strangely peaceful space with the throb of Peckham High Street traffic quite muffled.

So: when are you coming to visit?