Veggiestan has Landed. Or Rather: We’ve Landed in Veggiestan.

OK – so the book is here. Some of our sweetest, most loyal customers have already rushed out and bought it. Some of you may have purchased it from Amazon, which is a very sensible thing to do in view of their seemingly unbeatable prices. The rest of you can buy it from us directly if you like (we are assuming, of course, that you will all buy it, one way or another). Because if you do, you get a free VISA to Veggiestan stamped inside the front cover, as in our picture. Which we can get signed for you (we have contacts, you know). How’s that for gimmicks? You’re impressed, huh?

We are hoping to have a fully functioning on-line shop in time for Christmas, but in the meantime there is nothing stopping you from picking up the phone to order your signed copy.

Oh yes. The cost. Hate talking money and all that. It will cost you £22.50 + postage.