Veggiestan: please have your passports ready…

A rare, albeit partial, sighting of Mrs. Shopkeeper

OK chaps. Time to start getting excited now. Our trip to Veggiestan is but a month away and counting. Yup – our second book is coming out on October 6th.

We’ll be selling it in the shop at the discounted price of £22.50, although you can pre-order it on Amazon for less (how do they do that? beats us). Any which way, it means that all your Christmas shopping is sorted for this year.

There will jelly and ice cream all round of course: the launch party will be at the shop – and you’re all invited. Official invitation to follow presently.

Anyway, we just wanted to whip you in to a frenzy of anticipation. And to offer a reason as to why Mrs. S. may be found doing a little happy dance around the shop from time to time.