Who will buy*… our new range of organic/bio-dynamic fruit and veg?

CarrotsSo around ten years ago, Mrs. Shopkeeper decided it would be good to sell organic fruit and veg. To cut a long, soggy-carrot-limp-lettuce-leaf filled story short, she was ahead of the time, Peckham-wise. It didn’t take off. And she’s been sulking ever since.

But ten years is enough – so we’ve decided to give it another go. We’ve teamed up with the very jolly people at Perry Court Farm down in Kent: they will be bringing us weekly supplies of seasonal bio-dynamic and organic Kentish fare, along with a few organic bits from sunnier climes (that means lemons and aubergines and stuff). Frankly it is all very exciting: today’s haul brought us the wonderfully dirty multi-coloured carrots in the picture, along with kale, rainbow chard, spinach, neeps and beets, herbs, tatties, aubergines, pumpkins and lemons. If there is anything you want specifically, let us know.

Anyway, in order for this to work, WE NEED YOU. We need you to come and buy the stuff, and to spread the word. And we need your feedback. Wish us luck already.
*Peckham strange-but-true: Nell Gwynn actually worked just along the road from us – she is rumoured to have acted in a pub sited roughly where Peckham Bus Garage is today.